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Meliyah's Miracle Inc can send a NICU care package to a friend or family member on your behalf. If you are unable to contribute a $15.00 donation towards the Meliyah's Miracle NICU care package, your request will be sent to a waitlist and fulfilled when NICU care packages are available. 




Care Packages

Our care packages vary in items that will help families during their NICU stay. Some care packages have included, baby hats, baby blankets, nail filers, tissue packages, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, journals, pens, water bottles, thermal bottles, bottled water and many other items.

The care packages are a form of solidarity with the NICU families currently going through the emotional NICU journey. It is a reminder that there are people in their community who support their journey. Most importantly care packages can be made personally for families at your request.  

At this time we donate to the Einstein NICU in Philadelphia where Meliyah spent 110 days of her life. The team at Einstein provided our family with an abundance of support and for that we will forever be thankful. With your continued support we hope to be able to donate to hospitals throughout the Philadelphia region. 

World Prematurity Awareness Day NICU Drive

In celebration of world prematurity awareness day 2018 we will be hosting a fundraiser open mic event. This open mic event will bring artists from the Philadelphia area to safe space to raise funds for NICU care packages to be donated for world prematurity awareness month. 

Baby Blankets

Thanks to our donors support we have been able to donate throw blankets, receiving blankets, and baby blankets during our NICU baby blanket drive. Baby blankets provide warmth and comfort to the preemies while in the NICU. They also help with blocking lights and noise for preemies while in incubators.

When Meliyah was in the NICU bath night was an essential bonding moment for our family. In the early stages due to being born so prematurely Meliyah was confined to her incubator. Bath Night allowed us to open the incubator completely and bond hands on with Meliyah. It was also an opportunity to change her crib sheets or blankets.  

Crochet Preemie Bennie Hats 

We provide crochet preemie hats in our NICU care packages.  Some of the most fragile preemies in the NICU are unable to wear clothes until they reach a particular gestational age and weight. These crochet preemie hats help to provide warmth to the baby. The hats are also a great keepsake for families.

Nail file kits 

We provide nail file kits in our NICU care packages. It is important to keep hands and nails properly groomed when visiting a child in the NICU. For some of the most fragile preemies it’s also important to insure that the nail length is appropriate as to not accidentally scratch or harm the baby.